Meest is one of my favorite and "oldest" clients. Last two print campaigns that I did for them at Brand Labs NY are particularly special to me. For both sets of ads we've tried the straight forward approach with a little twist and as far as I know people like them. Colleagues said they saw billboard with the plane at the Warsaw airport. I personally find Meest using these images across different publications all the time. In 2011 Brand Labs NY even earned Advision Award for the first ad.
Main concept for the first campaign
Russian version of the billboard
Vertical full page adaptation of the ad, Ukrainian version
Russian version of the horizontal newspaper ad
Initial draft visualization of the concept variations
Final model of the "parcel plane"  consisted of 1352 packages
54 textures were created by scanning 15 different kinds of real cardboard boxes and envelopes
Main concept for the second campaign
Ukrainian full page version of the magazine ad
Russian print ad in local newspaper
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